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eRocK provides virtual outcrops and samples for the purposes of education, engagement in Earth Science and research. The majority of 3D models are downloadable and free to use.  


Featured virtual outcrop

Tarlair coastal exposure

Moray, NE Scotland

Dalradian metasediments of the Macduff Slate Formation. These turbiditic metasandstones and metamudstones are folded into large upright anticlines and synclines. At the small-scale, well-developed cleavage can be observed within these units. Bedding/cleavage relationships can be used here to establish positions on the fold, particularly where isoclinally folded.

See the outcrop in more detail here

Lat: 57°40'15.1"N 

Long: 2°28'25.3"W


eRocK is a virtual geology project led by Adam Cawood and Clare Bond at The University of Aberdeen. This project aims to provide open-source geological data and visualizations for fellow researchers, educational institutions and the general public. Our models are currently embedded into our own site via the free online viewer Sketchfab.


The majority of virtual outcrops and samples are downloadable and free to use under Creative Commons Attribution. Users can download 3D models, perform analysis and use eRocK as a teaching tool. To enhance the potential of  models as research and teaching tools, we aim to provide metadata, links to key references and coordinates of all virtual outcrops and samples.  


We currently have ~40 online 3D models, but wish to rapidly increase the size and scope of the repository. We encourage others to share their models through Sketchfab and eRocK, with the option to make them non-downloadable. Full acknowledgement will be made to authors, organisations and references provided to related articles. 

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