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Monkstone Point

Pembrokeshire, SW Wales

Monkstone Point exposes deformed Carboniferous units in three naturally occurring cliff sections. The deformation here is complex: multiple deformation mechanisms can be observed in the cliff sections, including chevron folding, buckle folding, thrusting and thickening of units. Carboniferous siltstones, shales and coal horizons here appear to each have their own characteristic structural style. This suggests that the mechanical properties of these sedimentary units is important for defining how units deform. 

The virtual outcrop below was used for a detailed structural study, published in the Journal of Structural Geology: 


Cawood, A.J. and Bond, C.E., 2018. 3D mechanical stratigraphy of a deformed multi-layer: linking sedimentary architecture and strain partitioning. Journal of Structural Geology, 106, pp.54-69.

Lat: ​51°41'48.8"N

Long:  4°40'41.8"W

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