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We're actively seeking collaborators for eRock. 

You can contribute photos, Photoscan projects or 3D models by uploading them here. Follow the link, drag and drop your folder. Please provide a short note with some information about the data - where it's from, who acquired the data and if applicable, what it will be used for. Any metadata regarding georeferencing or accuracy of models will be published.  Please let us know if you're happy for your model to be freely available to download. If not, 3D models can be made non-downloadable. Data will be made available under Creative Commons Attribution, with full acknowledgement. 


Alternatively, publish your models to Sketchfab and email us at or We can then embed your Sketchfab models in eRock. 


We are also seeking collaborators to develop Virtual field trips and Collections. This generally involves incorporating embedded models into a storyboard or narrative format, interspersed with text, photos and maps etc. We're happy for people to suggest themed collections and field trips. Or if you have suggestions for outcrops or samples you think we should digitise, get in touch.


If you're new to acquiring imagery for building virtual outcrops and samples, you can download a short guide here that covers the basics. 


eRock will only grow with active collaboration from the community. Please get in touch and contribute. 

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