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Broadhaven #2

Pembrokeshire, SW Wales

Just south of the classic Den's Door outcrop, the structures here exhibit complex patterns of fold and thrust interaction.  Asymmetric, northward-verging folds in interbedded Carboniferous siltstones, shales and coal horizons are cut here byseveral northward-propagating thrusts associated with the Variscan Orogeny. 


These structures has been studied in some detail (e.g. Williams and Chapman,1983; Nicol et al., 2002) as it provides an excellent outcrop example to examine the interplay between faulting and folding during deformation

Lat: 51°47'07.9"N 

Long: 5° 6'13.7"W

Virtual outcrop acquired and processed by David Peacock (University of Bergen).

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