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Folding at Bude

Cornwall, UK

Sea cliffs (up to ~ 25 m) high and wave-cut platform in the sandstones and shales of the Carboniferous, Bude Formation, ~ 680 m south of Bude Harbour and the "Whaleback". The beds show Variscan folds and related faults. Some folds are upright and others have gently-dipping hinge planes. Faults are common in the hinges. For a description of the folds see Sanderson (1979). The outcrop provides an excellent example to examine the interplay between faulting and folding during deformation.


Sanderson, D.J. 1979. The transition from upright to recumbent folding in the Variscan fold belt of southwest England: a model based on the kinematics of simple shear. Journal of Structural Geology 1, pp. 171-180.

Lat: 50°49'26.6122"N

Long: 4°33'29.4514"W

Virtual outcrops by David Peacock

Single Fault & Fold Structure, Bude

An upright angular anticline in sandstones and shales of the Carboniferous,  Bude Formation, exposed in a sea cliff ~ 40 m high at Upton, ~ 1.5 km SW of Bude. Folding appears to be accommodated by extensional and contractional faults in sandstone beds on the hinge and southern limb.

Lat: 50°48'53.7449"N

Long: 4°33'23.7367"W


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