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The Clashach Fault 


This outcrop exposes a seismic scale normal fault in the Hopeman Sandstone Formation in Clashach Cove on the Moray coast. Fault throw is estimated at up to 50 m, is very well exposed at this outcrop and can be traced laterally for over 1km from east to west. This outcrop records a well-developed fault core 50-100 cm wide, characterised by the presence of fault breccias and cataclasites. Surrounding the fault core is a wider damage zone, in which deformation bands are common. This fault was studied in detail by Farrell et al. (2014). The authors found that damage processes within and around the fault impart permeability anisotropy which may influence the direction of fluid flow. 


Farrell, N.J.C., Healy, D. and Taylor, C.W., 2014. Anisotropy of permeability in faulted porous sandstones. Journal of Structural Geology, 63, pp.50-67.  

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