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East Quantoxhead Fault

Somerset, UK 


Sea cliffs (~ 20 m high) and wave-cut platform between East Quantoxhead and Blue Ben, ~ 18.3 km WNW of Bridgwater. Liassic (top Triassic and Lower Jurassic) limestones and shales are displaced by the East Quantoxhead Fault, which has a net normal displacement of ~ 50 m down to the south. Folding and thrusting in the hanging-wall indicated that the fault was partly "inverted", probably during Alpine contraction (Tertiary). Gentler folding also occurs in the footwall.


See Dart, C.J., McClay, K., Hollings, P.N., 1995. 3D analysis of inverted extensional fault systems, southern Bristol Channel basin, U.K. In Buchanan, J.G., Buchanan, P.G. (eds.) Basin Inversion. Geological Society, London, Special Publications 88, 393-413.

Lat: 51°11'17.9055"N

Long: 3°14'54.0451"W

Virtual Outcrop by David Peacock at University of Bergen. Contact David ( for georectified data, alternate formats or UAV images of outcrop.

Higher resolution view of sea cliffs 

Large-scale view of sea cliffs and wave-cut platform

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