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Hartland Quay

Devon, UK 


Classic location of upright chevron folds exposed in sea cliffs (up to ~ 80 m high) and wave-cut platform, north and north-east of the Hartland Quay Hotel. The folds are in sandstones, shales and siltstones of the Carboniferous, Holsworthy Group. The folds have wavelengths of ~ 50 m, with extensive quartz veining in the limbs and some saddle reefs in the hinges. The section has been well studied, see also models of Bude for similar structures.


Davison, I., Jeffcoate, A., Oing, H., 2004. Geometry of chevron folding shortening and estimates at Hartland Quay, North Cornwall, UK, and some regional implications for Culm Basin development. Geoscience in south-west England 11, pp. 42-50. 

Lat: 50°59'48.7529" N

Long: 4°31'52.7586" W

Virutal Outcrop by David Peacock

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