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Kilve Faults

Somerset, UK 


Sea cliff (up to ~ 12 m high) of Liassic (top Triassic and Lower Jurassic) limestones and shales, east of Kilve, ~ 16.8 km WNW of Bridgwater. Normal faults strike ~ E-W to ~ WNW-ESE. Most have down to the north displacements of up to tens of metres. Beds are folded to accommodate fault displacements, especially at relay ramps between stepping fault segments.


See Steen, Ø., Sverdrup, E., Hanssen, T.H. 1998. Predicting the distribution of small faults in a hydrocarbon reservoir by combining outcrop, seismic and well data. In: Jones, G., Fisher, Q.J., Knipe, R.J. (eds) Faulting, Fault Sealing and Fluid Flow in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs. Geological Society, London, Special Publications, 147, 27-50.

Lat: 51°11'38.7943"N

Long: 3°13'12.2351"W

Virtual Outcrop by David Peacock at University of Bergen. Contact David ( for georectified data, alternate formats or UAV images of outcrop.

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