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Laxford Brae 

This outcrop of Lewisian gneiss is exposed in a road cutting on the A838 just north of Laxford Bridge. It is a well known exposure with an interpretative panel in the nearby lay-by; it is known as the “multi-coloured rock stop”. Three different types of metamorphosed rock are exposed in the road-cutting, which beautifully exposes their relative relationships. This outcrop lies in the NW Highlands GeoPark and is one of the Geological Societies - 100 Great Geosites. 

Lat: 58°23'25.24"N

Long: 5°1'29.14"W

Laxford Brae - exercise

The virtual outcrop model here takes you to a version with annotated photographs that form part of an online field exercise to sketch and deduce the relationships between the different units that crop-out. The detailed photographs were taken by Ian Alsop.  

The Laxford Brae Exercise 

can be found in the Virtual field

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