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Normal Fault, Kilve

Somerset, UK 


Sea cliffs (up to ~ 10 m high) and wave-cut platform on the east of Kilve Beach, ~ 17 km WNW of Bridgwater. Gently-dipping Liassic (top Triassic and Lower Jurassic) limestones and shales are cut by a normal fault with a down to the north displacement of ~ 20 m.


See Schöpfer, M.P.J., Childs, C., Walsh, J.J., Manzocchi, T., Koyi, H.A., 2007. Geometrical analysis of the refraction and segmentation of normal faults in periodically layered sequences. Journal of Structural Geology 29, 318-335.

Lat: 51°11'35.4767"N

Long: 3°13'31.3152"W

Virtual Outcrop by David Peacock at University of Bergen. Contact David ( for georectified data, alternate formats or UAV images of outcrop.

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