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Stackpole Syncline

Pembrokeshire, SW Wales

Carboniferous limestones folded and deformed during the Variscan Orogeny. This upright, upward-facing syncline shows a strongly developed cleavage in finer-grained layers. Have a look at the virtual outcrop: there are a number of small-offset thrust segments and the core of the fold is well exposed on the seaward side of the structure. 


A sketch of this outcrop by Lady Murchison was included in Roderick Murchison's The Silurian System (1839). This fold was also used as the cover image for the Volume 1, Issue 1 of The Journal of Structural Geology. Stackpole also features as one of The Geological Society's 100 Great Geosites.

Lat: 51°47'11.73"N, Long: 5° 6'14.68"W

Virtual outcrop  generated using Agisoft Photoscan  from 220 aerial photographs acquired with a DJI Phantom 3. Processing, photos and text by Adam Cawood 


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